So Who Is Amanda Mountney, What's The Story?

CoMental Health Coach in Milton Keynes

Located in Milton Keynes, at Amanda Mountney Coaching, I provide a friendly and understanding environment for individuals, couples and families. I am sharing my experience since confronting myself - making, monitoring, and embracing change by implementing NLP coaching and techniques for coping with anxiety. Call +447540049710 to find out more.

Meet Your Coach

I am a qualified NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), anxiety and mind management mentor and a certified Protege Coach. A kind and compassionate person, I have taken the opportunity to turn negative experiences into positive lessons by learning about what the ‘University of Life’ has thrown at me and my family - pursuing an education to enable me to correctly support others through their own personal experiences with understanding and empathy. I have also won an award for services to the community.

My Promise

Having had first-hand experience and being well aware that anxiety and/or depression is not a 9-5 experience. I aim to be as flexible as my client's needs require by supporting in a number of ways that include both 1-1 and group sessions remotely or face to face. I am keen to help others transform and find ‘their way’ forward, making mindful, consistent progress towards a better life.

Why Me?

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Happy Clients

I've met up with Amanda to discuss one of the problems I have. She explained things to me and made me see things in a different way - one that made sense to me. 

It will take me a while to get to where I want to be (you can't change a habit of more or less a lifetime in 5 minutes) but I will get there. Amanda is a lovely down to earth lady and I highly recommend her as she is totally committed to what she does to help people

Shirley Sabbatini
20 Oct 2021

I've never met Amanda but she was one of the mentors on an online 'mind and body confidence' workshop that I took part in less than a year ago. I really loved Amanda's live sessions.

At that time, I was at an all time low and wasn't really sure how I could carry on anymore. I felt I had nothing and I was such a bad person. One day, I contacted Amanda and poured my heart out. My life story. Things I wouldn't normally want to talk about. Amanda listened, understood and her soothing voice reassured me. 

Since this, Amanda has watched my life blossom. New job, man of my dreams and a stronger me.

Life is not without its wobbles but I know that Amanda is always there. Never to judge.

Thank you for all you've done for me Amanda and I wish you every future success x

Karen Weir
20 Oct 2021

Even coaches benefit from coaching! Amanda is a terrifically generous Mind Management Coach. 

Generous with her time and with her skills, encouraging & inspiring others to live their best lives. The authentic manner in which she walks the walk instead of talking the talk is what helped me get beyond my overwhelming fear of public speaking. 

She coached me with her own unique mix of NLP skills, encouragement and calling me out, until I felt ready to make the first step.

Debs Carey
20 Oct 2021

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